About The Community Coalition Leadership Program

Inclusive stakeholder engagement is a core value of the Promise; we work to ensure that community voice is fully integrated into our systems change work.

The Community Coalition Leadership Program builds capacity for parents, caregivers, students, members of the faith community, and community members at large to fully participate in the collaborative planning and action cycles that take place within the Action Networks.

Theory of Engagement

Participants in the Community Coalition Leadership Program integrate community voice into the Action Networks using the following model:

More information about the Community Coalition Leadership Program is coming soon.

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Invest in the leadership capacity of participants through professional development trainings, seminars, and workshops.


Participants fully participate in Action Network collaborative planning and action cycles.


Participants build and connect with a network of constituent friends, neighbors, family, and peers to gather input, ideas, and perspectives.


As community action plans are adopted, participants engage their constituent networks to mobilize for grassroots action.

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