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Announcing the Transition of The Forsyth Promise!

The Forsyth Promise’s Executive Advisory Board has announced its transition plan for releasing The Forsyth Promise from the United Way to a Forsyth County community organization. Read this TFP Transition Overview Document and this Scoring Rubric for more information.

Apply Today

The portal to submit The Forsyth Promise Transition Process Letters of Interest/Intent is now open.

Organizations and agencies interested in submitting proposals are directed to access the portal and complete the web-based form supported by e-CImpact. Users will be able to log in with an existing account or create a new one (preferred for this application). View screenshots.

This portal will remain open until Friday, August 19, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET.

Click here to access the portal  OR  copy and paste this text in your internet browser:

Learn More

On July 26th and August 4, 2022, The Forsyth Promise (TFP) hosted informational sessions for the community to ask questions and learn more about TFP’s transition. Click the links below to watch recordings of either session, as well as to view the presentation from those sessions.


Please send a message to  Subject: TFP Transitions LOI

Educate | Equip | Engage | Cradle to Career

How do we make sure every child in Forsyth County has a chance to thrive in school, in work, and in life?

We’re doing it by working together like never before. By consciously stepping out of silos to embrace a common vision. By collectively spreading best practices that support children’s growth from cradle to career. By intentionally staying connected to our kids and to each other. We’re doing it by actively aligning our passions to embrace the possible.

The Forsyth Promise Logo

The Forsyth Promise is our community’s cradle-to-career education initiative. 


Advocating for Equitable Educational Systems


Bringing People and Organizations Together


Helping to Improve Educational Outcomes at All Levels

We work across our local education systems to coordinate and align resources so that every child, regardless of race, ZIP code, or circumstance, can live up to their fullest potential in the classroom, in the community, and in life.

We invite you to learn more about how The Forsyth Promise is working to engage voices, change mindsets, and build community capacity to improve education locally.

Cradle to Career

A Cradle-to-Career Hub
for Local Education Data

One of The Forsyth Promise’s core values is data-informed decision making. That is why we maintain a wide variety of critical data and information on the state of education in Forsyth County. This includes our core outcomes (disaggregated by key sub groups), key equity measures, and enhanced contextual information to help stakeholders understand our outcomes and how to get involved.

Our Systems Change Work

Our work is pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together to improve educational outcomes and eliminate disparities.

Our diverse partnership unites our community’s efforts and ideas to shine a light on what’s working well for kids, focus on common goals and outcomes, and align our community’s resources and practices to ensure the best educational outcomes for Forsyth County’s children. In a nutshell, The Forsyth Promise puts us all on the same page and unites us around a common vision: that every child in Forsyth County receives the best education possible and is fully equipped to thrive throughout life.

Virtual Learning Support

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how our community learns, and disrupted many aspects of our day-to-day lives. It also illuminated existing inequalities that are now being exacerbated by a range of public health and economic impacts. To support our community in this transition to virtual instruction, we have complied a directory of resources specific to Virtual Learning as well as a directory of COVID-19 Resources

Mother and infant

The Birth to Third Grade Action Network

The Birth to Third Grade Action Network is a coalition of educators, childcare providers, nonprofits, local government, philanthropic organizations, parents, caregivers, and community advocates for education. We are united in a commitment to work together, using data as a guide, to improve our systems of education. Together we are identifying new and innovative ways to use our shared resources and knowledge to improve outcomes for our community’s youngest children.

Be The Change Convening

Be The Change Convenings

The Forsyth Promise brings people and organizations together to improve educational outcomes at all levels. Our Be The Change convenings seek to do just this by bringing our community together to share information and perspectives and to have critical conversations about the most important educational challenges we face. Whether it’s through our larger quarterly convenings or our more frequent community conversations, Be The Change is an important way for all of us to stay connected and engaged.

middle school students posing for a photo

Inspire340 Networks

In 2021, The Forsyth Promise is partnering with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools in an effort to support eight Inspire340 schools using the whole child, whole school, whole community model. Through this partnership, we are working within each school to build a stakeholder network that includes school leadership, educators and staff, parents, caregivers, students, and community members at large. These networks will collaborate to identify the most pressing needs of each school, and work together to build and execute an action plan that taps into community assets to meet these needs. 

Student and mentor

The Data Sharing Project

The Data Sharing Project (DSP) provides critical evaluation and continuous improvement support to education-based programs in Forsyth County, and it  provides a streamlined, secure tool for community agencies and schools to work with student data. The DSP is a major community asset; making it possible for our partners, like Crosby Scholars and Imprints Cares, to receive high-quality evaluation services that many would otherwise not have access to.

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