Image of Tembila Covington wearing a blue blouse with red floral pattern. She is smiling and outdoors.

by Tembila Covington

President of the Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity

The logo of the Ministers' Conference of Winston-Salem, NC. Text in a semi-circle around an image of a dove atop scales over an open book. At the bottom it reads "MCWS And Vicinity". The image is on a white background with purple text and yellow outlines.

The Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity is committed to advocacy concerning numerous diverse issues affecting the citizens of our community. One of the several current concerns of the Conference is the diminishing opportunity for poor and minimally wealthy children and parents to have unrestricted access to equitable education here in Forsyth County.

Our Education and Social Justice Committees are actively engaged in the process of evaluating current data that confirm a definitive history of inadequate and unfair educational policies in our school system. These historical and current policy decisions yield poor academic performance and progress for disenfranchised children who are restricted to attending low-performing or failing schools.

The Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity is sounding a clarion call to our parents, teachers, administrators, elected officials, congregations, and community to come together to address these issues that are impeding the constitutional mandate THAT ALL CHILDREN IN THE STATE INCLUDING FORSYTH COUNTY, HAVE A RIGHT TO A SOUND, BASIC EDUCATION. We are embarking on an ongoing mission to create meaningful dialogue with community stakeholders agreeing on a clear plan of action that genuinely considers the voice and vote of the people who have been presently disregarded.

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