SEAL in WS/FCS is currently entering year two of its pilot phase with the 2018-19 school year. Year one of the pilot included seven schools:

  1. Cook Literacy Model School,
  2. Petree Elementary,
  3. Philo-Hill Magnet Academy,
  4. Carver High School,
  5. Kennedy High School,
  6. Parkland High School, and
  7. Walkertown High School.

Year two will expand to include an additional fifteen schools:

  1. Ashley Elementary,
  2. Brunson Elementary,
  3. Caleb’s Creek Elementary,
  4. Kernersville Elementary,
  5. Konnoak Elementary,
  6. Smith Farm Elementary,
  7. Union Cross Elementary,
  8. Vienna Elementary,
  9. Main Street Academy,
  10. East Middle School,
  11. Meadowlark Middle School,
  12. Walkertown Middle School,
  13. Wiley Magnet Middle School,
  14. The Downtown School, and
  15. Reynolds High School.