The Forsyth Promise’s 2018 report is here. The 2018 report details the progress of the Promise and its activities in 2018 and it reports out on Forsyth County’s core community measures in education:

  1. Early Childhood Literacy (DIBELS),
  2. Reading Proficiency (Third Grade),
  3. Math Proficiency (Eighth Grade),
  4. Preparation for College and Career (ACT Proficiency),
  5. High School Graduation,
  6. College Enrollment,
  7. College Completion.

Racial and socioeconomic disaggregations, as well as recent trends are also provided for most of the measures listed above.

Wendy Poteat, Partnership Director of The Promise said, “I have embraced a fundamental truth: not one of us can change student outcomes alone. I’ve come to view The Promise as both catalyst and container: a catalyst that simplifies and accelerates the alignment of our perspectives and efforts, and a container that sustains a structured, facilitated space for true community collaboration to thrive.”