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The Forsyth Promise 2020 Education Report

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An Engaged Community can Make a Difference

Pathways to Action

We can work together and use information as a tool to inform advocacy and drive positive change.

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Now is a critical moment for our community to be engaged, to be informed, and to work together like never before to support children and education in Forsyth County.

We are faced with the dual crises of the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to alarming disparities in educational outcomes by race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status. Through activism, advocacy, community organizing, and support of strategic community education initiatives, we can change our educational systems for the better.

Pathways to Action

Get Engaged in the Community Conversation on Education

There is no simple solution to the complex, intersectional issues that present barriers to academic success for students in Forsyth County. Our community must work together to imagine what thriving, equitable educational systems might look like, and take collective action to realize that vision.

We hope that you will join The Forsyth Promise in 2021 as we convene our community around the content of this report. Our virtual kickoff conveneing, Be The Change: Making Good on Our Promise, is coming up on April 15. 

This event will convene our community around the 2020 Community Education Report on the state of education in Forsyth County. Local leaders will shine a light on major themes and findings from the report with the goal of informing a more complete perspective of our most difficult challenges. Attendees will join in open discussions on how we can work together to improve educational outcomes for all students in Forsyth County.

Action Items

Be The Change: Making Good on Our Promise

Be The Change: Making Good on Our Promise

Register today for this important virtual kickoff event to catalyze collective community action for education!

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Pathways to Action

Taking Initiative for Change

Many groups in our community are doing important work to help improve our systems of education. Learning more about these initiatives can help our community better understand where positive momentum for change already exists within our systems.

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Pathways to Action

Your Voice Can Make an Impact

When the members of our community speak up, we can learn from each other and improve the work we’re doing to ensure that all children in Forsyth County thrive — in school and in life.

Pathways to Action

Help Us Build a More Complete Perspective

This microsite represents The Forsyth Promise’s debut effort at showcasing additional community context alongside data. Our local educational systems are incredibly complex and there is a great deal of important work being done by individuals and organizations big and small each day. This first effort of collecting and organizing contextual information represents an important first step, but it is far from complete. 

If you have questions, suggestions for additional content to include in subsequent reports, or information on relevant work that’s going on in our community, please take a moment to fill out this form.

Pathways to Action

Share the Story of Your Lived Experience

This is the first report from The Forsyth Promise to feature content on the lived experiences of people in our community

Sharing stories of those with lived experiences is an important component of systems change work. These stories help expand our perspectives, humanize our conversations on education, and engage a broader community audience than data data can on its own.

The Forsyth Promise’s work to collect and share stories of lived experience is critical and ongoing. We are currently recruiting Forsyth County residents of all ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds to participate by sharing their unique stories. If you are interested in participating you can sign up here